S.G.M Pvt. I. T. I Sehore


Introduction of S.G.M Pvt. I.T.I

S.G.M Pvt. I. T. I Sehore Objective of Institute are: Provide easy access to high quality education in academic and professional fields to its students, irrespective of their caste, creed, age, gender, region or country at affordable cost.


Offer conductive environment for technical education with market drive orientation. Accord students new ideas, fresh vision, pragmatic ambitions and enhance competency success in the ever changing business environment. Prepare and assist students and improving their future prospects through career and placement counseling and support, on-the-job training, industrial visits, presentations, group discussions.

Management Committee

Himanshu Nigam President, S.G.M Pvt. I.T.I
Bhoopesh Tripathi Secretary, S.G.M Pvt. I.T.I
Shashikant MahorS.G.M Pvt. I.T.I
Munir Ali Principal, S.G.M Pvt. I.T.I